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Lasik Treatment in Mumbai

Lasik Surgery is one of the best method to correct vision in people who are shortsighted, farsighted, or have astigmatism
All laser vision correction surgeries are performed by adjusting the cornea, the fair front part of the eye, so that light traveling through it will accurately reach onto the retina situated in the back of the eye. LASIK is one of a number of various surgical methods used to reshape the cornea. Roshni Eye Hospital is famous for its Lasik Treatment in Andheri with high class technologies and efficient Ophthalmologist.

Advantages of LASIK Eye Surgery?
  • Over 96% of patients will have their craved vision after LASIK. An improvement can increase this number.
  • LASIK is correlated with very little strain due to the anesthetize drops that are used.
  • Vision is revised nearly instantly or by the day later LASIK.
  • No bandages or stitches are needed after LASIK.
  • Alterations can be made years after LASIK to further revise vision if vision alters while you age.
  • After having LASIK, most patients have a breathtaking reduction in eyeglass or contact lens dependency and many patients no longer required them at all.

How should we prepare for Lasik Eye Surgery?

Before LASIK eye surgery, you should consult with eye surgeon who will examine what to hope during and after the operation. During this period, your medical history will be checked and your eyes will be entirely examined. Expected basic tests comprises of calculating corneal thickness,, corneal mapping, refraction ,pupil dilation air and pressure. Once you have gone through the initial assessment, you can meet the Doctor, who will reply for any queries you have.

Roshni Eye Hospital focus primarily on Lasik Treatment with best in class and quality. We have been serving the community to maintain healthy vision for a lifetime. We also provide 24 hours Emergency Care Unit. We can proudly say that we are the fore-runners of Lasik Treatment in Andheri.

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